The eTerrazzo stool - Elkstone
The eTerrazzo stool - Elkstone
The eTerrazzo stool - Elkstone
The eTerrazzo stool - Elkstone

The eTerrazzo stool - Elkstone

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    Why Buy From Bamboo Abode

    The eTerrazzo stool features a hand polished Elkstone Ivory Coast top with handmade wide Ivory Coast Acacia Wood legs. Deep-dyed and lightly sanded, the deceptively simple surface is alive with texture and movement, each surface is unique and slightly different to the next.


    • eTerrazzo is a unique light weight Terrazzo texture without the extreme weight and easy cracking properties.
    • Suitable for residential or commercial use
    • Designed and tested by engineers.
    • Certified scratch, stain, frost, and water resistant for normal daily use
    • Perfect for indoors or outdoors undercover, for all locations across Australia
    • Extremely strong and sturdy yet they are half the weight of concrete.
    • Does not chip or crack as easily as concrete, glass, or timber tables.
    • 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty.

    What is ElkStone?: ElkStone tops are an engineered, strong natural composite using crushed river rock, sand, lava stone & resin as the main raw materials. ElkStone tops have excellent structural characteristics. The weight of a standard ElkStone Table is approximately half the weight of a concrete table of the same size. Through different stages of production, ElkStone tabletops are handled by several people with years of experience. Their craftsmanship will show in the details and set your table apart from any other similar piece you may encounter.

    Dimension and Care

    Stool Size: 35cm Wide (Diameter)
    Stool height: 44.5cm High
    Top colour: Ivory Coast
    Leg colour: Ivory Coast (Wide)
    Stool thickness: 7cm
    Stool weight: 7kg
    Fasteners: 304 Stainless Steel washers and bolts
    Care Instructions:
    - For daily use you can clean the tops with damp cloth and mild soap. Never use any acidic household cleaners on the table top surface as they will etch off the sealant and may cause permanent stains.
    - Always rinse the surface immediately with warm water if it has come into contact with anything acidic, including vinegar, cola sods, citrus juice or any other fruit juice. Never apply bleach to the table top surface, as it will permanently stain the finish.
    - Warranty 1 year structural